23 June 2020 by JIMMY KASIE in Convention

22 June 2020

Dear Fellows of all nations, we trust God that you and your beloved families are doing very well, enjoying the blessing and protection of our Heavenly Father.
We have been intently listening to the opinion of experts about the restart of commercial activities and the reopening of airports, and the truth is, nobody knows exactly when we will be ready to travel between different nations. For this reason, in common agreement with the International Board of Directors and after listening to the opinion of the main leaders in the different continents; but above all, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we have determined to cancel our Miami 2020 World Convention.
We know that many of you have prepared in a timely manner to participate in this great event and enjoy the promises of God, and that this change of plans will affect you. That is why we present our apologies, knowing that it is a wise decision, that will avoid putting the lives of our fraternal members and their families at risk.
The flame of our logo, which represents the fire of the Holy Spirit, has not been extinguished. Today more than ever it is lit in the home and in the heart of each fellow, who has been very active using the digital platforms that our beloved God has provided us, for which we are immensely grateful.
We encourage you to remain expectant regarding the activities that we will be carrying out in each region where we have a presence. We know that our loving God will bless us with the joy of being able to meet in person soon, to adore Him and share what He is doing in our lives, our families, our businesses and in our blessed organization.
Likewise, we take the opportunity to officially announce our “Monterrey 2021 World Convention” that will take place from July 15 to 17, 2021, in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. As always, we will be doing our best to have an event of quality and above all, a great blessing for you and your families. Let's prepare for this occasion so that we may take advantage of being able to see each other and embrace each other as we, the Happiest People on Earth, do.
Our greatest wish is that you and your family enjoy the protection of God.
Receive from me the warmest embrace. (Psalm 91)
Mario García Olvera
International President
Gerardo Rivera
Executive Director, WC

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